Téchne is know-how-to-act

Let’s dive through another Aristotelic concept.

The greek concept of τέχνη (téchne) is very ancient and was originally used to indicate a prerogative of Gods, given to mankind, to compensate for their intrinsic weakness.

Tèchne means “art”, but modern term “art” is the result of a historically super complex and often paradoxal translation process, which can be imagined as : techne> ars> arte> Arte (English; Art)

Téchne encloses the sense of “expertise”, “knowing how to do”, “knowing how to operate”.

Gestures of a painter enclose sparks of a mood in a frame of re-elaborated memories; if what It has been depicted, is the identity living between my imagination and the object imaginable (memories), rational concretizations are symbolic - keys appearing to me as rational codes of emotional impulses.

‘Techne’, mixedmedia on canvas (pvt.collecton in Italy)

Aristotle presents us with one of the most complete definitions of Techne in Chapter IV of the sixth book of the Nicomachean Ethics. (Only Ita)

Object of Téchne lives in Its own sense, as the painting sense is found as a symbolic amount of gestures I did to paint it.

This piece is my attemp to regain value to the concept of technique, as it reflects precisely on all those terms we use to refer to the technological world.

According to the ancient greek philosophy, techne does not refers to the act, but to the core system of know-how-to-act.

This is the intrinsic meaning of this composition.

The subject in the upper part identifies a know-how entity, the lower one, in a symbolic, crazy playful intuitive imaginary, represents the act, all enclosed in a single piece/instant/frame.

Through this Arkh, my ‘Téchne’ was born.

Credits: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tecnica (Wikipedia ITA only) / https://giulianoantonello.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/la-rivalutazione-aristotelica-dellarte-2/ (ITA only)



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Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca

Italian artist. Ancient cultures passionate, philosophy learner & NFTs creator. Articles in here defines my intellectual horizons and artistic inspirations 🔎