Mental rythms, pt.2

“Twombly’s reign”

‘Twombly’s reign’, is the deepening of one of the artistic philosophies that most inspired and inspire me during my artistic creative processes.

To my mind, one does not put oneself in place of the past; one only adds a new link.
— C.Y. Twombly

Twombly associated the importance of handwriting with the gesture during writing and not with the ended writing.

This concretely means that it is not possible to deduce the personality nor moods of the writer without being present during the moment of the act of writing.

I think our mental rhythms are connected to the energy we have inside our spirits, which are connected to everything around us, but our brain is like our hand. Too far from the truth that moves it.

Our brain is similar to a word, too distant from the feelings that make us pronounce them, but Art practices allow us to getting nearer to the initial source.

Behind all of this, there is one’s ego, which ego principal and commonly-used-meaning is no longer available, a moment later.

A.Ballocca *studio detail

‘Being inspired by C.Y. Twombly philosophy allowed me to see deeper while I’m creating something new, and when I say NEW i mean that, all the ideas of ‘visiting the past’ become suddently a huge bag of illusionary egoic projections and the painting starts to shine!’


What has been said said of the hand in relation to the stroke(gesture), We say of thought in relation to words: thoughts are extremely more powerful than words that can express them.

Art (creativity) allows dimensions of gestures, thoughts and words to bind together within a composition, a statue or a drawing.

If I ask to Alberto to describe or to criticize his work based on his artistic process, it would be impossible for him to say what inspires his gestures the most.

Of course Ancient cultures, art, philosophy, and much more related, represents his main passions and inspirational sources, but the truth is that, when he create something new, no element previously read, saw or heard, even a moment before, can take consciously part in his creative act.

Everything is always new.

Terrain is always unknown.

It’s like running through a minefield without counting the steps.

Going into a fog always feeling the right path to follow.

Cy_twombly “lycian_drawing” — PRIVATE AMERICAN COLLECTOR —

Do you remember what I wrote in the previous article,?

“…Greek language is much more powerful for fully understanding pure and philosophical thoughts and deep feelings than others…”

This is what I wrote in this one:

(“…It is not possible to deduce the personality of the writer without being present during the moment of the act of writing…”

This is what absolutely cannot be said in relation to ancient symbolic languages such as egyptian hieroglyphs nor ancient languages in general!

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Mental rythms, pt.3 (Coming soon)💎



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