‘Mental rhytms’ , pt.1

Talk fragments

‘Mental rythms’ identifies the main claim of several articles I’m going to write in relation to my ancient cultures, art and philosophical researches. I’m going to develop several articles modulating this rythms throughout the modulation of the argument exposed.

This one, ‘fragment’, is the deepening of a super short written meditative note i wrote few months ago, while reading a Plato’s poem.

I will break this little fragment down by translating a single word into Greek language and I will bring up to the surface the whole meaning behind it.

Photo by Yusuf Dündar on Unsplash

‘Talking is just making air vibrate, to dialogue is talking.’

Dialogue (English), Dialogo (Italian), Διάλογος -Diálogos (Greek)

Diálogos is a modern Greek derivative word, graphical union of Diàs διας + Logos λόγος = two words meaning Distance/Divide/Division *Fracture & Speech/Discourse/Argument/Topic/Word/Opinion/Ground.

In the course of linguistic evolution, structures of these words unified under the conceptuality of dialogue seen as the maximum distance between two points of view.

Dialogue word encloses true power of a real talk between two people discussing around a serious element, for example “feelings, mathematical axioms” or more topics with a complex thoughtful compound required.

Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash

If we bind to the archetypical meaning of words Diàs-Logos, while talking, we’ll discover that this concept in itself, is what allows us to openly express contrasts between our point of view and another totally different one, while managing to maintain mutual respect in relation to any differences expressed in the object of the dialogue itself.

If you are unable to handle this difficulty and divergence while talking, you will not be able to understand your limitats nor other skills, or more simply, you are just causing the air to vibrate! (Marketing skills not included in the criticism…)

Mental rythms, pt.2 (Coming soon)💎



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Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca

Italian artist. Ancient cultures passionate, philosophy learner & NFTs creator. Articles in here defines my intellectual horizons and artistic inspirations 🔎